Thursday, January 28, 2016

New Anti 3 Star

In the previous post, I gave out an anti 3 star war base for town hall 9 in clash of clans. Today, I'm gonna explain how that base works in detail as much as possible.

As we know, GoLaLoon is one of the best attack strategies in Clan Wars, especially at Town Hall 9, definitely it is only used to attack maxed TH9 bases. Yes, this base can easily deal with any TH9 GoLaLoon attack because:
  • If you were the attacker, you would care about these units on the map: The enemy Archer Queen, Wizard Towers and Air Defenses, right? If you want to win a GoLa attack, you need to take down at least 3/9 those targets with your Kill Squad.
  • Take a closer look at our base, we just have 1 Air Defense next to the Queen. That means the attacker just can't take anything except those two.
  • If I were the attacker, I would not start attacking from the top because there are lots of traps and high HP buildings there, which can ruin my attack really really bad. Most attackers will attack from the nearby compartment, but If they do that, regardless, they will get forced to the to the high HP Storages nearby.
  • The Archer Queen can't be lured by Golems or Kill Squad until they break into the core. This is such a big advantage of this layout since it can easily break the plan at starting.

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