Monday, February 1, 2016

Push to Champion League as a Town Hall 7

Journey from Crystal 3 to crystal one

Reaching Crystal took me no time. I used to be doing Wizard and giants this composition I used 24 giants 16 wiz four Wall Breakers and 8 Archers (Archers are there to attract cc troops out of doors due to the fact I don't need to waste Wizards and Giants for them). They works exquisite for me and helped me to accumulate a number of dark and trophies.

Very vital notice: Dont waste dark here. They are priceless.
Clan troops lvl 6+ Giants Spells - 2 restoration (healing spells) one rage

Journey from Crystal1 to Master 3- I used Balloonion here.(Balloons and Minions). They works exceptional to get 2 star on any TH8 or on TH7
Note: Don't try to destroy TH8 with this army If you are a th7. Use 24 Balloons and fell space with minions first use balloons to distract the protection and then use minions to help them to ruin 1/2 base.
Clan troops- lvl 6 Saloons.
Spells-two recovery (healing spells) and one rage Or 2 rage 1 healing

Journey from masters 3 to champions:

 I used 34 hogs and few archers. Archers are to kill cc troops you must have lvl 2 or 3 hogs to use this not worry about dark you will get enough dark Elixir in masters due to the fact they will pay 500 dark for every a hit attack
Cc troops - lvl five hogs Spells- three recovery nothing else And each time your dark storage gets low use wiz and giants military to achieve more dark Elixir

Some vital notes to reach Champion:

  1. Maintain your th out side
  2. Play coc continuously for 2 or 3 hours.
  3. Don't fear about loot you may get enough bonus in excessive league.
  4. Don't loose hope. You can do this
  5. Try to get trophies as much as you can.
  6. Have a good th7 farming base.
 Good luck to you! See you in champion league soon!