Wednesday, January 13, 2016

TH9 War Base - Anti-GoWiPe and Anti-Hogs

Hello my friends,
After the update, I have received lots of emails and comments on reddit about the new TH9 War Base layout for the bigger map size in game. Also, since attacker has 30 more seconds in Clan Wars to attack, surviving the attack is much harder.
But you truly don't need to worry much because I am going to help you with my brand new th9 war layout!

This base is born to take the last star from attacker. Why?

Because of these features:

  • There are lots of places that can be used for Double Giant Bombs.
  • Unlureable Clan Castle. Yes, this is literally unlurable. Of course If the attacker uses 1 Lava Hound or 5 Hog Riders for luring Clan troops muahaha.
  •  Unique AD placements. I am pretty sure that you haven't seen these placements in anywhere else, right?
  • Extremely well anti-Lava funnel because the Wizard Towers are not locked on the Air Defenses, also, the Air Sweeper can easily protect the whole base. If the attackers attack from the behind of the AS, they will be failed. Otherwise, they will lose!
  • Asymmetrical design that will always mess the raiders.
  • Perfect Storage Wall can deal with any Kill Squad and army.
  • Fully Anti-Hogs: Spring Traps, Double Giant Bombs, Group of Small Bombs,... All of them will bake the enemy Hogs till they become beacons.
 For more details, take a look at here.
I am going to give out more defense logs of this base in the future. Stay tuned guys!